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Ubuntu a rocking desktop

After you have your ubuntu OS installed and its fully functional, Install the listed applications/packages and make it a perfect desktop and you can do almost anything you can do on windows.
Install these packages:
  1. Install Software Updates first.
  2. Install Automatix, it lets you install lots of applications that too without using the termina(Best for windows users like me who have made a recent switch).Refer ->
  3. Install NTFS-3G if you have windows installed on other partitions, this will mount your windows partition and make it viewable in ubuntu.
  4. Install multimedia codecs through Automatix.
  5. Install VLC media player.
  6. Enable Desktop Effects.
  7. Speed up your OpenOffice. Refer ->
  8. Install Adobe Reader through Automatix.
This will make Ubuntu a rockin desktop to work with and you certainly won't miss Windows a lot.
Rohan :)


aMoLk said…
Hey dude,
Good Work.

How do you update your Ubuntu to the latest level, do you use the GUI?

I like to use this:
# sudo apt-get upgrade -y
Its the first thing I do after installing.
Rohan said…
I haven't used it this time while upgrading, i am gonna use it going forward.

Thanks for the comment kaka

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