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Enabling speed dial in Opera 9 series

Opera 9 series offers a very handy feature called "Speed Dial" which enables thumbnail previews of your favourite sites. There are 9 previews on the new tab and you can edit them and add your favourite websites there and you get to see the preview pics of those sites. Click on them and then site opens. Sometimes this feature is disabled for some reason.

Wondering how to fix this - here it is - Launch opera and paste this in the address bar -

Search for the entry - Speed Dial State.
Change it to 1 from 0 and then save the changes and open a new tab and you have the speed dial feature enabled now.

Usefull keyboard shortcut in Gnome(Ubuntu)

While i was downloading music using Amule i discovered that i was unable to find the downloaded file, reason being the directory was something like /home/rohan/.amule/incoming and i was unable to find the directory since the file/folder names starting with a "." are hidden by default.

In the Gnome(Nautilus) environment just hit "Control+H" and you should be able to see the hidden folders right way and once done you can press "Control+H" to hide them again.

Trust me it comes handy for people who are new to linux.