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Usefull keyboard shortcut in Gnome(Ubuntu)

While i was downloading music using Amule i discovered that i was unable to find the downloaded file, reason being the directory was something like /home/rohan/.amule/incoming and i was unable to find the directory since the file/folder names starting with a "." are hidden by default.

In the Gnome(Nautilus) environment just hit "Control+H" and you should be able to see the hidden folders right way and once done you can press
"Control+H" to hide them again.

Trust me it comes handy for people who are new to linux.



aMoLk said…
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aMoLk said…
Hey, thats good stuff I did not know the CTRL+H shortcut in nautilus, definitely worth remembering and will be very handy next time.

I wanna add something here.

* You might have noticed this. Most *nix software saves its settings in the user's home directory in a hidden file or under a sub-directory example .xterm, .fluxbox, .nautilus etc.

* In unix/linux, hidden file/directory is nothing but a file/directory whose name starts with a dot (.)

* At the command line,
# cd
# cd ~
# ls -la
Thats the command line way of seeing hidden files.

* tilde (~) is a pointer, which points to user's home directory. There are many more such pointers example dash (-), which points to previous directory.

* ls -la shows all files. normally we use ls to see files, ls -l to see in listed format, and ls -latr for all files, listed, and sorted by times in reverse order so the last modified file shows up last.
Rohan said…
Hey Amol i made a note of this info,well thanks for the comment and will ask if i have any doubts :)
Rohan said…
Hey Amol i made a note of this info,well thanks for the comment and will ask if i have any doubts :)

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