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Whats up with this "OS WAR"?

These days the hottest discussion on blogs and Internet is "War of the Os's".
With evolution of Vista and reportedly it being bad and year 2007 being hailed as the year of Linux and Mac'sOS(Leopard) dropping everyone's jaws with its innovation and technology , the war is just heating up.

But frankly speaking i just dun get it. Why do we use an OS :
We need an interface to interact.We want to get our work done.We want a software which makes our life easier.

Microsoft rules the world there is no doubt about it,Apple's OS is definitely the most innovative OS around and one can mould Linux as per his/her needs.Different individuals have different needs and they use software's depending upon that and so one can use what suits him best.There is no point arguing which OS is best as there are issues with every OS and these issues might come up depending upon the usage by a particular user.

I use XP and Ubuntu everyday and haven't got the chance to play around wit…