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Happy new year

Its is going to be a good new year.
Have fun and may this new year bring joy and success.

It's a pain

We use 'it's a pain' phrase/statement very often without paying too much attention.
I read this somewhere:
We must all suffer one of two things:the pain of discipline or the pain of regret and dissapointment.
Now rethink wellll it's a pain anyways,so why not choose the better one :).
Farewell 2011 and best wishes to everyone for 2012.

Random clicks

A punchline to remember

Found this punchline on a tshirt while I was shopping

Embed and make a tweet story

We all know that twitter has increased the character limit to 140 and with a cool posting site like posterous we can take it even further.Make a better and extended twitter story along with posterous.Have you tried embedding your tweets yet?Expand your tweets into stories beyond 140 characters -…— posterous (@posterous) December 21, 2011

On security

A simple security message for everyone , whether at home or work

Lord Ganesha

Beautiful idols of Lord Ganesha

Coffee day celebration

See the full gallery on Posterous It is said ' good service is good business'.
Usually in bangalore most of the coffee day centers are innovative in design and they provide good service , today at ccd forum kormangala we saw another example.
Not only did they serve good coffee but they also invited all of the customers present at that moment to celebrate their employee day and requested we cut the cake if we liked the service , here are few pics of the event

A maggie tale

Long ago very very long ago when God realized kids do not enjoy everyday food and snacks , GOD made humans create something which was and is the most enjoyable snack, breakfast dish of all time.
It eventually also established itself as the best ' student survival food'.
Maggie with tea remains my all time favourite till date.