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Ubuntu 11.10 installation screen-shots

I am installing Ubuntu 11.10 on my dekstop along with the Windows 7 as i compose this post.
I thought of posting the screen-shots of the same.
I have added the pictures of main screens only as a simple search on google i.e 'install ubuntu 11.10 with windows 7" and you will find lots of detailed guide on the topic.
Just for the viewing pleasure of all Ubuntu enthusiasts.
Rohan S Golwalkar.
See the full gallery on Posterous

Ubuntu For Android

via Ubuntu for Android gives mobile workers a compelling reason to upgrade to multi-core handsets with more RAM, more storage, faster GPUs and CPUs.
As per Mr Shuttleworth ubuntu will be nicely integrated into Android for use.
So for every mobile there will be desktop waiting to be explored.

Buffet at Shitakke : Bangalore Central on Sarjapur Road Bangalore

Shitakke is named on mushroom of the Far East.
Cuisine : Dishes from China, Thailand, Indonesia and Japan.Restaurant wears an elegant look with  Budhdha Statue in the center. If you get a chance - go visit it.See the full gallery on Posterous

Midnight in Paris: Movie Review - 3.5/5

Not very often you find a movie which is made in a casual manner but also at the same time very charming and artistic.
Midnight in Paris is directed by Woody Allen and has oscar nominations for Best Picture and Direction this year.
Its about Gill played by Owen Wilson - a writer (hollywood'ish fairly succesfull) and his ambition to become a real writer - that is to publish a realistic novel.He also has a strong sense of nostalgia towards 1920's Paris.He loves old things,record labels,books,history of music and the rain.He loves his fiancee who is not convinced about Gill's plans of writing novel and shifting to Paris.
Gill is also not sure about this novel and one day at the stroke of midnight he is magically trasported to the 20's - the world full of artists he admired like Picasso,Scott Fitzgerald,Ernest Hemingway and Adriana(who is dating picasso).He gets his novel critiqued and also falls in love with Picasso's mistress Adriana(Marion  Cottliard). He finally comes …

Google says Happy Birthday Charles Dickens

Cool Healthy Drinks Enjoy

Btjunkie shuts down voluntarily (2005-2012)

via With legal actions rtaken on megaupload and piratebay - Btjunkie decided to shut down before they get into some legal action.
We will see what follows next - but looks like this might happen to other sites too.