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Midnight in Paris: Movie Review - 3.5/5

Not very often you find a movie which is made in a casual manner but also at the same time very charming and artistic.
Midnight in Paris is directed by Woody Allen and has oscar nominations for Best Picture and Direction this year.


Its about Gill played by Owen Wilson - a writer (hollywood'ish fairly succesfull) and his ambition to become a real writer - that is to publish a realistic novel.He also has a strong sense of nostalgia towards 1920's Paris.He loves old things,record labels,books,history of music and the rain.He loves his fiancee who is not convinced about Gill's plans of writing novel and shifting to Paris.

Gill is also not sure about this novel and one day at the stroke of midnight he is magically trasported to the 20's - the world full of artists he admired like Picasso,Scott Fitzgerald,Ernest Hemingway and Adriana(who is dating picasso).He gets his novel critiqued and also falls in love with Picasso's mistress Adriana(Marion  Cottliard).


He finally comes to the realization that he cannot live in past - hence he will not be able to improve and complete his novel.
Bottom Line of the movie is a simple message : Do not live in past - nostalgia won't improve anything -rather life ,art and romance are worth a re-examination if required.It also tells us that it is not about love but about sharing a common taste and liking.

I am not sure whether it's Carla Bruni(Museum guide - first lady of France),the music,gorgeous paris,Marion Cottliard's magical presence,Owen Wilson's confused,excited performance,nostalia or its Woody Allen's writing and direction or may be the dialogue "Paris is most beautiful when it rains"


But i can assure you - if you have little or some liking towards something artistic and if you like good conversations between characters you will like the movie for sure.

Rating : 3.5/5


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