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Wish (College time) came true : Metallica In Bangalore

I am not sure but it was 1999-2000 or around that time that one of my friend Amol Kolhe copied a 15 GB rock/metal collection to my hard disk (15 gb out of 40 GB was a big deal at that time) which consisted of ACDC,Iron Maiden,Deep Purple and GnR,Metallica to name a few.First songs from Metallica i heard were - Nothing else matters (no surprise here) - Fade to Black - Fuel and Sad but true,Unforgiven and Seek and destroy and Master of puppets and trust me rest is history.Since that day i have always been a great fan and always wanted to watch them live.When i came to Bangalore i saw lots of bands performing here and so expected Metallica will perform soon but it took almost 8 yrs(wait-time for me - for India it was 20 yrs) for them to perform here in India.Now add a little drama there - Delhi show got cancelled and my friends and i were not sure if this would happen in Bangalore.But anyways we watched them live at Palace Grounds Bangalore and it was worth every trouble we took (around …

Google Chrome Processes and Memory Usage

Google chrome is about to topple Firefox as the no 1 browser.Firefox was always critized for being a memory hog but chrome also is doing pretty much the same - the only difference is the way it handles tabs as seperate processes.However what's suprising is the number of processes it launches for just one tab and every process has its own memory usage.

Rockstar(2011) Music Review: (My opinion for my friends)

Let me start with the definition of Rockstar :  rock star - a famous singer of rock music. rock 'n' roll musician, rocker - a performer or composer or fan of rock music. singer, vocalist, vocalizerSo expectation is that the soundtrack will feature some "good Rock Music" and when the composer is Grammy award winning A.R.Rehman expectation are always high.Unfortunately this album fails as Rock part is just average.Another negative is the selection of Mohit Chauhan for majority of songsBeing a fan or Mr Rehman i gave it a decent 3-4 hearing to be fair from my side.If you follow rock music you can easily identify there are only 2 songs which can be categorized as 'rock'Sadda Haq and Naadan ParindeyGood : Sadda Haq,Katiya Karun (ting-a-ling),Aur Ho,Naadan ParindeyAverage : Jo Bhi Main(there is so much Ye-ye-ye in this song that it becomes irritating),Tum Ho,Kun Faaya KuBad: Phir Se Ud Chala,Sheher Main,Hawaa-Hawaa,Tum KoThen there are 3 instrumentals which might s…